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business terms

terms of payment

the terms of payment should be made by t/t to the company account within 15 days from invoice date.


all prices invoiced are based on ex work.

minimum order value

minimum order value is us dollar 1000.00 excluding freight cost.

freight and additional packing

a freight and additional packing charge on all orders will be charged, unless the customer uses own shipping agency or agreed by prior agreement.

order delivery time

for regular orders, the delivery time is not in excess of 15 working days, unless prior notification or orders with special requirement.

transfer of goods

title of the goods does not pass to customer until full payment has been made.


1. warranty for shockwave therapy devices (model number: lgt-2500s/2510a/2510b) and pressotherpy devices (model number: lgt-2200l/ lgt-2200wm/ lgt-2200s/ lgt-2200dvt)

1) warranty for the main unit

• during the two-year warranty period from the date of delivery of the product to the end customer, defects will be remedied at no charge to the customer upon that the defect is due to defects in material or workmanship. the warranty does not extend to wear parts. 

• to validate the warranty, please complete the warranty card and send it together with the copy of original invoice to email address: service@longest.cn within 7 working days of purchase.

2) warranty for the handpiece of shockwave therapy devices

• warranty claims will only be accepted if the handpiece is returned in its complete and original state. cleaned and in the case. missing components will be replaced subject to charge. accessories also sent will be checked and, if necessary, replaced after we have assessed them. shock transmitters and overhaul kits are not covered by the handpiece’s warranty.

• the warranty period of the handpiece is 12 months (1 year) from the date of delivery of the product to the end customer. 

• if the main unit and handpiece fail to function during the warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship, at the manufacturer's option, manufacturer or the authorized dealer will repair this product without charge. damages due to non-adherence to the user manual or wear of parts are excluded from warranty.

3) warranty for the accessories of pressotherapy devices

• the warranty period of the accessories of pressotherapy is 12 months (1 year) from the date of delivery of the product to the end customer. the warranty does not extend to wear parts.

2. warranty for other gzlongest products

a period of one-year warranty from the date of delivery of the product will be provided. the warranty does not extend to wear parts.

claims of missing or damages

the customer shall have no right to claim for shortages or defects of goods, unless the customer inspects the goods immediately on arrival and send written notification with specifying of shortages or damages is made to gzlongest company within 7 working days of receipt of goods.


returns must only be made after prior agreement of gzlongest company. the customer should follow the return shipping instruction that provided by gzl ongest, because of the china import policy for return medical devices is highly strict.